TAROE Trust secures funding for the next three years

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We are delighted to announce that we have secured funding that will enable the charity to continue for at least another 3 years.

Following our announcements to close down TAROE Trust at the end of July 2020, we have received many messages of regret and disappointment about the large gap in the housing sector that our closure would have left.

A key commitment of the charity will be strengthening its connections with tenants and residents across the social housing sector so that its work can be fully grounded in the experiences of tenants up and down the country.

This work will be particularly valuable as we move towards the anticipated release of the Government’s Social Housing White Paper.

Fusion21 has come forward with grant funding of £210k that will support TAROE Trust to deliver on our new business plan and update its commitments as set out in the charity’s Manifesto for Change.

Speaking on the announcements, TAROE Trust’s Chair, Michael Gelling OBE, commented as follows:

“We are really thankful for the generosity of Fusion21 and their recognition of the value we bring in raising the interests of tenants in national level housing debates. We have had to operate on a shoe string for the past couple of years, and this funding means that we should now be able to properly invest in creating a platform where tenants can highlight their experiences so that this can shape our priorities for change.

We are very much in listening mode. We’ll be launching new campaigns in the coming months as we build up our capacity. However, we’d encourage tenants to get in touch with us directly now with views and ideas of where we can best focus our energy.”

Chris Murray, Chair of Fusion21, commented that:

“TAROE Trust has a valuable role to play within the sector and we are delighted that they will continue to work for, and on behalf of, tenants and residents in the coming years.”

Further details about TAROE Trust can be found at: www.taroetrust.org.uk


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