About SHM

Social Housing Matters is the passion project of Hannah Absalom and Dr Gaby Wolferink to facilitate open and critical, but fair and constructive discussions about the state of social housing in the UK, its history and where its future should be.

It is a place for tenants and housing staff, housing academics and students, care and third sector professionals and everyone else with an interest and view about the future of social housing to share their experiences, expertise, ideas and ideals, whether born out of success and innovation or failure and frustration.

We welcome contributions in various different article formats and lengths, whether it is an account of a personal experience, an excerpt of a doctoral thesis or an analysis and break-down of or response to a news article. We encourage tenants and residents to be involved across all topics. We don’t have a separate ‘tenants’ section.

Are you working in housing in an officer role and want to share some of your experiences and frustrations, we will enable you to do so anonymously if you wish to do so. Please find some information about the how and what of anonymous contributions here.

If you’re a housing student working on your bachelor, master or doctoral thesis and want to practice your writing and share your ideas, we want to hear from you too! Publishing is not only difficult, but also often means that, when successful, your ideas are only available to fellow academics with access to academic journals. We love to offer you a platform to share your research and work on social housing.

We offer help with editing and advice for anyone not confident about their own writing skills, and even though we have some publishing guidelines, we want to help you meet them while making sure that every voice keeps their own authenticity. We are not hung up on jargon or ‘expert talk’, and in fact encourage all contributors to write in a way that reaches an audience as wide and diverse as possible.