This project will be nowhere without your contributions. We want to hear from you about anything related to the social housing sector that you feel other people should know about, whether it’s starting a discussion, sharing new ideas, experiences with good practice, some sharp criticism or highlighting new research and examples from abroad.

What kind of content do you accept?

SHM wants to collect and put up for discussion a wide range of views shared by a broad range of people. It wants to do so by applying a ‘Critical Friend’ approach across its platform. This means that while we welcome contributors to share with us content that might be considered controversial on the existing / professional sector platforms.

We will only agree to publish pieces that are written in good faith and contribute to a constructive ‘critical friend’ atmosphere. Please refer to the Submission Guidelines for more information about this.

Anonymous Contributions

SHM wants to become a place where people can be open about what they feel should be up for discussion in the social housing sector. Of course we do understand, from experience, that speaking up outright is easier said than done, whether you are a tenant, resident or member of staff of a housing association. This is why we offer the opportunity for people who wish to remain anonymous to share their experiences and views in order to start a debate across our platform. However, in order to communicate about edits and any potential follow-up, any author wanting to submit an anonymous article will need to be known to the co-founders.

All we can do as SHM founders is give you our word that your identity will only be known to ourselves. We will help you to anonymise your article and alter/remove any content that might lead to recognition of yourself, your employer or anything else that might make people traceable.

Editing and Editing Support

SHM might edit submissions before posting them online to an extent that we will check on grammar and typos, and perhaps some formatting, but will put back the final draft to be published back to the author for agreement if any changes or suggestions for changes are to be made that go beyond lay-out and grammar.


SHM holds the right to reject any submission that is deemed not to be in line with Our Values and/or the Submission Guidelines.


Once your article is published, SHM has full rights to the content, including, but not limited to edit, mix, duplicate, use, or re-use it in whole or in part as it so chooses, for example to promote the platform on social media and in newsletters.

Comments and Interactions with Published Articles

Once your article is published it will be opened up for comments, sharing and response articles. We will moderate comments on the website and any potential response articles following the same critical friends approach and right to anonymity.